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Contract to Close Residential Properties.

This is for services through an Agency; Broker or Agent.

Generally our services include the following:

Introductory letter to all parties.

Track deposits.

Open file with escrow.

Order title search.

Ensure contracts are complete with necessary initials/signatures.

Manage all buyer and seller disclosures.

Send copies of the contract to all parties (buyer's/sellers/agents/lender/title company).

Create a summary sheet with all contact information of all the parties.

Track and remind all parties of upcoming deadlines for inspection and loan contingencies.

Create addendums as needed throughout transaction.

Coordinate inspections.

Coordinate appraisal with the lender/buyer/seller and agents.

Coordinate repair bids.

Weekly updates sent to all parties.

Follow up with lender on weekly basis.

Follow up with title/escrow on a weekly basis.

Complete CDA's. 

Upload all documents for shared viewing.

Review HUD before closing to ensure commissions are correct.

Follow up with escrow to schedule the closing.

Send reminders out to remove lock boxes.

Provide a completed file upon closure of escrow.

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