We are always interested in meeting experienced and dedicated professionals to possibly join our strong team. We look for professionalism, expertise, and sincerity. If you are interested in growing with us please see the qualifications below, and if you meet these guidelines feel free to contact us through email here on this website. We would prefer no phone calls at this time inquiring about employment.

  • Minimum 7 years of transaction coordinator experience. This means experience as a full time transaction coordinator, not an agent who also did some TC work.

  • History of aiding in the transaction and closing process of 25 files per month or more.

  • Available to work remotely and be available weekends if needed.

  • Must pass an extensive background check.

  • Ability to supply references upon request to verify experience and ability.

  • Competent to navigate through and be productive with various platforms. (Different states use different platforms. You must be competent using the platforms widely used in your state)

  • Must be knowledgeable of the processes, disclosures, methods, and procedures of the position at hand.

We receive ALOT of interest about employment. We will review all submittals in a timely manner, however that time may be extended at our discretion and as market dictates. Please do not call our 800 number inquiring about employment opportunities.